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A beautiful smile, every day. The benefits of braces and orthodontic treatment:

  • A smile treated by orthodontics is a natural, healthy smile
  • Improves the spacing and height of your teeth
  • Tooth shape can be changed
  • Improves function, hygiene and confidence

The structure of your face and jaw is just as important as the position of your teeth.

There are several ways we can help you achieve the best possible look using braces or aligners, giving you a perfect, beautiful smile. Our team will ensure you understand all the options available to you.

Wembley Orthodontic Centre has a wide range of orthodontic treatment available:

Invisalign Aligner (Braces):

Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. As you replace each aligner every one to two weeks, your teeth will move a little by little, week by week, gradually moving towards the projected final position.

Clear Aesthetic Fixed Braces:

A form of fixed brace for private patients, the aesthetic appliance has tooth coloured or clear ceramic brackets in place of metal.

Silver Fixed Braces:

The most effective and widely used system for teeth straightening, fixed braces come in many forms. Brackets are attached to the tooth and linked by an arch-wire, when attached the wire is distorted. However the wire is programmed to return to its original shape which forces the tooth into a new position.

Functional Appliances:

Worn on the upper and lower teeth at the same time, functional braces change the way the teeth meet. These work when the teeth and jaws are in development, so are only used on children and young people.

Removable Braces:

Designed to solve simple problems, such as movement of a single tooth. The removable brace consists of a plastic base with wire components. It clips onto the teeth and is easily inserted or removed.

Our initial consultation costs £40 and we offer 0% simple monthly payment plans to give you that beautiful smile.

The prices for orthodontic treatment on your teeth can vary depending on what type of treatment you would like or need. We endeavour to find the balance between offering affordable private options with outstanding results.

The cost of your treatment can be spread for the duration of your treatment.

Prices for orthodontic treatment

Initial consultation:

Invisalign aligner - clear brace:

Invisalign I7 simple (7)


Invisalign Lite (14)


Invisalign Full


Deposit: £500

Monthly Payment: £500

or 12/24/36 months finance

Adult each arch silver appliance:

Adult One Arch


Adult Upper & Lower Arch


Deposit: £350

Monthly Payment: £325

Adult each arch ceramic white appliance:

Adult One Arch


Adult Upper & Lower Arch


Deposit: £450

Monthly Payment: £375

Under 18’ each arch silver appliance:

Child One Arch


Child Upper & Lower Arch


Deposit: £350

Monthly Payment: £215


Clear / hawley retainers (Each):


Fixed retainers:


Repair fixed retainer:


Transfer patients per visit (already wearing braces):


Functional/Twin Block Orthopedics


Upper Removable Appliance


Radiographs & Photographs


Study Models


NHS Replacement Appliances

You need to take good care of your orthodontic appliance by following the advice given to you by our Clinician when your braces are fitted to your teeth. Failure to follow the advice will incur a charge of £70.10 (April 2016 rates, increases every year) for a replacement in accordance with NHS Regulation 11. This is payable even if you are under 18 or receiving benefits.

Patients may be able to claim a refund but this is at the discretion of NHSBSA. Please call us for further information.


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